What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do?

You may wonder what a wedding planner actually does. Well, if you have ever been to a wedding, you may have noticed that there is a lot involved in the final event; food, drinks, music, flowers, formal wear, pictures, cake, presents, decorations, table settings, guest souvenirs — the list goes on. So, with all these things involved in a wedding, you may understand why both the bride and the groom can be on-edge. Not only does the couple have to plan their wedding, but they also have to make big decisions, budget, provide guest lists, and so on. The idea of planning a whole wedding, and leaving that stress on your shoulders can be too much for some couples, especially if they have a lot on their plates already.

Wedding planners are available to help organize and plan out couples’ wedding days. The reason many people choose to have a wedding planner is that a great deal of stress is taken off their shoulders and handed to an experienced planning professional. This means that less of your “Big Day” is left to chance and your own planning skills.

At Plan It at Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, we have trained professionals ready to hit the ground running with your wedding plans. When you hire a professional wedding planner, you are entrusting someone to handle and manage every aspect of your wedding. This can mean that instead of stressing out about what needs to be picked out, picked up, and set up, you can focus on more important things — like getting married for example!

The Initial Meeting

When you are thinking about hiring a wedding planner, you want to ensure you are picking the right one. This means you will want to find a local wedding planner that has plenty of experience and positive reviews. Once you call your prospective planner, they will schedule a meeting with both the bride and groom. This meeting is important because it will determine if the planner and the couple are a “right fit.”

Once both parties agree that it is a fine match, documents will be signed and the real work begins!

With your planner, you will both need to discuss what you would like from your wedding. For instance, you will need to determine where, when, and how you would like to be married. After a long conversation, your planner can give you tips and tricks in order to achieve the wedding of your dreams. For instance, wedding planners can have a list of vendors and venues that they have worked with in the past. Not only can this help couples find where they want to be married, but what companies to entrust with their flowers, cake, table decor, etc.

This can be a huge relief to many couples because it releases some tension of who to choose to help make their wedding a success. With a wedding planner-approved list of vendors, couples can feel more at ease with their decisions. Once the couple has agreed with the venue, baker, florist, and caterer for their wedding, then they can make appointments and choose what specifically they want for their wedding.

Scheduling and communicating with all vendors is the main role of a wedding planner. The idea of a wedding planner is to minimize the couple’s contact with the vendors and the venue they have chosen. All communication is run from the vendors to the wedding planner, and eventually, to the couple getting married. Think of your wedding planner as the ultimate middleman!

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