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PIMV’s Lead Coordinator, Brooke, Passing the Baton


This is a story about mothers. It starts with an instinct that something’s not right with her child. This isn’t about whether he’s one month behind in talking or potty training. This is about a child who may not allow his mother to console him. Or who lashes out because he can’t communicate his needs. Or who isolates himself. Is this a child who’s simply quirky, or is there something profoundly out of place? Read More >

Please join us in celebration of Autism Awareness
and help raise money for the Island Autism Center

The purpose of the Island Autism Group Inc. is to fund comprehensive therapeutic services, activities, and programs, hard goods and equipment for the educational growth and development of children with significant disabilities to further integrate them into society. The group also funds seminars, speakers, and workshops that advance and educate parents, teachers, and caregivers of children who do not fully participate in inclusive programs due to their disabilities.

For several years the Island Autism Group has been developing its vision of an Island Autism Center, a place on Martha’s Vineyard where children and adults with autism and their families can come for summer camp, respite, education, seminars, therapies, and to spend essential time together as a family. IAG envisions a place where those with autism can enjoy therapeutic riding, arts and crafts, gardening, and other activities not only in the summer months but also year-round through afterschool programming and weekend workshops. A place where parents can meet other parents, share resources, and learn about various therapies and trends in the field.

With essential support and the accepting spirit of the island community, the Island Autism Center can be a place for collaboration and cooperation. The Island Autism Center would provide social, physical, and emotional benefits for the island’s autistic population without having to go off the island for other programs that may serve this purpose. Island children and their parents could be confident that they will stay together.

Please help us make our vision a reality…

Donations or contributions may be sent to:
Island Autism Group Inc.
PO Box 2786
Edgartown, MA 02539